HectorHi everyone and welcome to my Bike Riding For Beginners website.  Bike riding is something that I have enjoyed doing since I was a child and still enjoy it now.  I am now in my early 60’s.  For those who enjoy biking know exactly how a bike rider feels after a day of riding bikes.

I like biking when it is hot and sunny outside so I can get some sun and break a nice sweat.  One experience I can remember is when I was several miles away from home on a bike ride and got a flat tire, it was hot and sunny and I was tired and sweaty.  I had nothing with me to fix the flat tire so I had to walk home.  It was quite a long walk back home and I had to walk my bike.

But those who love biking know that nothing stops a bike rider from riding bikes, this little experience did not stop me from riding, I only learned from it and continued to bike my ride.  I purchased a tire pump and carried it on my bike.

I just thought I share this little story with the audience, I am quite sure there are many riders out there that have stories they can share.

A Little Story About Biking.

It was in the early 60’s as I was growing up somewhere in Eastern Pennsylvania with my parents and four other sibling, my four sisters and myself were in grade school, and we did not have a lot of money.  But our parents always provided us with all our needs.

So one year for my birthday I got a bike, I must have been about 6 or 7 years old.  This was my very first bike.  It was a 20-inch wheel bike and it was purple.  I remember it had what they call a banana seat.  I am sure that many can remember the banana seats.  The banana seats were popular for several years with the 20-inch bikes.  My purple bike was getting old and it started to have problems.

So this was the beginning of me working on my good old purple bike.   I learned to replace worn out brake pads, fix flat tires, change handle bars and other repairs as they were needed.  I rode my bike all over the place so it was important for me to maintain my bike.

I was in High School and had a job at one local restaurant after school and still did not drive a car, but I did have my trusty bike that I used to get to work and back home.  My bike was mostly my main means of transportation.

How Time Has Changed Biking.

As we are aware time has changed the world and everything else around it.  Bikes were no exception, bikes have been around for many decades and they will be around for many more decades.  Bikes are used for many reasons throughout the world.  Bikes also come in many styles and made out of different materials.

Bikes are used for pleasure, transportation, making deliveries, races throughout the country.  Bikes are used for tricks with the younger generation, bikes are used by senior citizens to just enjoy a ride or for competition with there friends.  Lets not forget the circus, they to use bikes to entertain the crowd.

Bikes are also used by the police force to patrol the streets, bikes are even in the gyms.  There are even motorized bikes, put some gas in the gas tank and cruise all over town.  For those who like to take it easy and not have to pedal.

Oh, don’t forget the bike with the very large wheel in the front and the very small wheel in the back.  One of the very first bikes that were used.  The good old days.  Around 1818.

I mentioned earlier I am in my early 60’s and I still enjoy biking, what is great is that I have an eight-year-old grandson and we both enjoy riding our bikes together.  I can still out ride him, unless my grandson is just letting me beat him.

To Bike Or Not.

As for me I enjoy biking because it has many benefits.  It is a exercise you can do by yourself or with a family member or a friend or even a group.  Biking gets you outside to enjoy the day, you get a good cardio workout.

You can workout your legs and see the countryside as you ride you bike.  It is also a good way to catch some sun, for those who enjoy the sun.

You know size does matter when it comes to the bike you ride, a bike should fit the rider.  A rider who is six feet tall should not ride a bike that is for a child, like a 20-inch bike.  When riding a bike you want to be comfortable and enjoy the ride.

It is easy for a bike rider to ride for a good part of the day, so you want to be comfortable on a bike that fits your body frame.

So go out and enjoy your ride, whether it is just around town or any other place.  Remember to be safe and obey the laws and rules so you can continue to enjoy your bike ride.

Go ahead and jump on your bike and ride.

If you ever need a hand or have a question, feel free to leave them below and I will be more that happy to help you out.

All the best,

Founder of Bike Riding For Beginners – Enjoy It

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  1. Dear Hector,

    Thanks a lot for sharing your inspiring story.

    I too love biking and during my schooling and college days, that’s the only transportation I had and can afford. Even 15 km to 20 km I go by biking. Indeed, it’s a great exercise.

    I am sure your posts will be of greater help for many people. You are providing great value via your posts.

    Wishing you great success!


  2. Hello Hector. I like off-road biking when we go camping and can ride around the game viewing area by bike. Then we see some antelope like nyala’s, kudu, springbok and loads of birds too. When you are on your bike with the wind on your face and your hair blowing back in the bush with the animals its really awesome.
    I think your blog article will encourage people who dont’t exercise much to do something.
    It might inspire them to take the first step and get active.
    Well done.

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