Bicycle Workouts For Beginners.

Okay, so your ready to ride your bike. But you really don’t have much experience and not sure what you should do. You don’t just want to hop on your bike and start riding.

Well, there is such a thing as Bicycle Workouts For Beginners that can help you out.

You know that with any sports they always advice to warmup, no matter what sport you are preparing to do.

Well riding a bike is no exception. You kind of want to do a few warmup exercise before you hop on your bike.

If your young or old, or on the thin side, or the heavy side, if you are tall or short, you should make time for a warmups.

A warmup will loosen your body and the muscles, it also will help to get the blood flowing thru your body.

The warmup will also let you know what kind of shape you are in. While doing the warmups keep an eye on how you are feeling, if you are getting tired, is a part of your body hurting, how fast to you start to swet, do you have too much cloth on.

Just The Simple Things.

So we are talking about warming up before hopping on our bike, riding bikes is a physical thing, so you want to be loose and relaxed. Below are just a few simple excercise for Bicycle Workouts For Beginners.

  • Stretch your fingers
  • waist trunks (loosen your back)
  • few squats
  • touch toes
  • stretch your arms

If you’re riding your bike in warm weather you really don’t need a lot of cloth on, so once you start warming up and riding your bike you will probably start to get warmer and maybe start to swet a little.

These simple warmup exercises are for the average bike rider, I am sure that professional bike riders who ride bikes for a living have a more intense warmup routine, cause these guys ride for several miles so they are pretty much in good shape to begin with.

There are many more exercise that a bike rider can do,  As I mentioned the above are for the beginner or for someone who already has some bike riding experience .  Below are just a few more exercises a bike rider can do to warmup.

  • walking (a block or two)
  • jugging (lightly,as it is a warmup)
  • stationary bike (few minutes)
  • jumping jacks (just a few)

So whatever experience you have with bike riding always remember to take a few minutes to warmup and loosen up your body for a more confortable bike ride.

The Final Ride.

Ok, so you have done your warmups and now your ready to go bike riding.  Well, as a beginner bike rider you dont have to much time on a bike an on the road.

You are ready to ride, you have your accessories including your water bottle.  It’s funny we talk about warmups.  But, just by hopping on your bike and slowly going the street or the road can be a warmup on its own.  You don’t have to start out going fast as soon as you get on your bike.

Remember that you are just a beginner, and still getting use to the bike and what accessories you have on your bike.  You don’t have to push yourself to much.

Find a nice, safe or secluded area without to much traffic to ride your bike.  By doing this you can concentrate on riding and not on the traffic.

As a beginner it’s best to try to ride your bike when it is dry outside.  When the streets or roads are wet the brakes may not work as quick or good like they should.  If the roads are wet do not go so fast, this will allow the brakes to stop or slow down the bike safely.

The final thing here is that you get home safely after your bike ride so you can go out for another bike ride.   When you are a beginner you are not trying to compete or race with another bike rider.

As you get better and more experience than you might want to try to race or compete with a friend or family member.


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  1. Hi!
    Thanks for your post! I’ve never been a big bike rider, but this was extremely informative. Like running, warming up before biking is a necessary thing. I remember doing bike rides with my parents growing up and we would just hop on and go for a while until we got tired. For sure, I’m a novice biker. I appreciate your insights! It goes a long way.

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