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Hello and welcome to my Bike Riding For Health – Stay Strong website. As we all know it is important for us to stay in good health.  And one of the best ways to stay in good health is by riding a bike.

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As you can see by the image to the right that bike riding is becoming once again a big way to stay in good health. I live in the great state of PA. as I drive or if I am walking, or at the local park I see more and more people on bikes.

Whether they are young or old, they are all have a great time riding there bikes. Most likely the young riders(children) ride there bikes for fun, usually with there friends.

But these young riders don’t realize while they ride there bikes around just for fun that at the same time they are benefiting health wise from riding there bikes.

Since they are young and are children they are already mostly likely in good health. Riding there bikes just adds to there good health, they are too young to realize the benefits of riding there bikes.

As for the older bike riders, these are the folks who will really benefit from riding there good old bicycle around town or just down to the local store. Or wherever they like to ride.

There are many health benefits for the older bike riders when they ride there bikes. Below are a few of the benefits from riding bikes.

  • Cardio workout – burns about 400 calories an hour.
  • Core – will get stronger from biking.
  • Legs – especially your quads and hamstrings.
  • Glutes – glutes and hips will get a serious workout from biking.
  • Strength – large muscles of lower body will strengthen from biking.
  • Sport – if you compete in racing.
  • Low-impact – no stress on your joints

As you can see there are many of benefits for the older bike rider to keep riding there bikes. Bike riding is an outdoors sport for the most part. But there are indoor tracks that will allow a bike rider to ride all year round if they prefer. I personally have not used an indoor track for riding bikes. But I have seen them.


A stationary bike is also a good way to exercise when you can not get outside because of the weather. Stationary bikes may not be as much fun as hopping on your bike and going for a ride.  Due to the fact that you are indoors and not much to look at.

I personally have a stationary bike, some of these bikes come with many features. The one I have came with a timer, a distant counter, and it even will tell me how fast I am going.

You still can get a good workout because you can go as fast as you want, since you are most likely indoors you can wear whatever clothing you wish. You can also ride until you get tired and can’t pedal no more.

Biking With Health Condition.

Biking is a low-impact exercise, if you have arthritis in your knees, hips, ankles, or if you’re recovering from a joint injury.

Looking to lose some weight, or control your diabetes, or your blood pressure, high cholesterol, or even heart disease. Biking is a great way to accomplish this.  But please consult your physician before riding.

If your a woman and pregnant you still can ride a bike, but you might be better off on a stationary bike. This will help you keep your balance, you won’t have to worry about tipping the bike over, or falling off the bike. If you are at home and an emergency with you happens you can get help if you need it.  One word for pregnant women, please consult with your physician before you hop on a bike to ride.  

My Final Words.

As you can guess by now this is a bike riding site. You can see that there is a bunch of health benefits from riding a bike. So whether you are old, young, have some health issues, a little over weight, you still can hop on your bike and go for a nice ride with the family, friends, a group.

If the bike rider really has serious health issues it is best that they consult with there personal physician before riding a bike.

If you have any questions or need help, please contact me at the following email address.

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