Is Biking For You.

There are a lot of ways to exercise, you can go on a walk, you can go on a jog, you can use a stationary bike. But there is nothing better than going for a bicycle ride. So do you think you can Get Into Biking – Why Not, right.

Your age should really not stop you from getting on a bike and going bike riding. I have seen children as young as maybe 2 years old riding there little bikes with the little training wheels and parents running after them. Fun! right.

There are also plenty of senior citizens that are grabbing there bikes and hitting the roads. A very good way for them to get a workout and getting together with friends or family.

As we all know that all states have what are called the homeless, but the homeless people are aware of the benefits of riding a bike. The homeless use there bikes to get around town and to get where they have to get to, but one thing I notice is that they keep there bikes right next to them. They don’t want to lose there transportation.

Is biking for you!, do you enjoy getting outside, do you enjoy the sunshine, you enjoy running into friends or family members, are you looking for a way to maybe lose some weight, get a cardio workout. Then biking is for you.

More Fun For Less.

So you want to get into biking. Bike riding is one of the least expensive sport that a person can get into. Bikes can be found just about anywhere in this world.

As we know bikes have been around for a long time, and always enjoyed by all kinds of people thru out the world. Some of these locations are in the 3rd world. It don’t matter to these people because a bike is a bike. But there pride and joy.

If you’re looking to get into biking and don’t have one, well don’t worry. Buying a bike will depend on your experience. If you are just starting out you mostly won’t want a new bike. There are several places where you can find a bike for little money.

  • Flea Market
  • Yard Sale
  • Bicycle Shop
  • A Friend
  • Family Member

So, as you can see there are several places to find a bike. There are times when you might be able to get a bike for free. A lot of times if you go to a flea market you might get a bike for nothing cause the seller may just want to get rid the bike.

If you are a more experienced bike rider you can still follow the above advice. But being an experienced rider gives you the option of buying a more expensive bike. You can buy a bike at a sport shop, at a bike shop or (Walmart), the favorite!, right.

Just want to mention that when buying used bikes look the bike over carefully, make sure the parts work as they are supposed to and that the wheels are not bend or twisted.

Gear Up Or Not.

Well you got your first bike and your ready to ride it. Now you have to decide on what kind of accessories you would want or need to start riding your bike.

There are several accessories available for you to choose from. And it all depends on how much weight you want to carry with you and how comfortable you want to be when you ride your bike. I personally like to ride without too much weight bogging me down.

Sun glasses are one of the accessories available for riding. Sun glasses can come handy when it is a sunny day, they will help keep the sun glare out of your eyes so you can see where your going. And there are several brands to choose from, just depends on your budget.

Another accessory available is the water bottle, the bottle gets attached to the bike with a bracket and the bottle slides right into the holder. There are different styles and brands, depends on what your looking for.

Gloves are also available for riding, gloves help the bike rider by gripping the handlebars and controlling the bike in the direction you want to go. You can fine gloves in just about any store that sell accessories for bike riding.

A back pack is another accessory, you can use a back pack to carry just about anything you think will be needed. Maybe some tools for the bike, something to eat or drink. Change of cloth, if you get wet. Maybe a blanket for laying out under a tree. Whatever you think you will need.

There are also shoes, these shoes are meant to help keep your feet on the pedals. These shoes are usually used by professional bike riders. But it is all the bike riders choice as what shoes they want to use.

As I mentioned there are several accessories, above I just listed a few. There are lights you can install to see where your going in the dark, there are gauges to help you keep track of your speed, how far you have ridden your bike. Once again it is all up to the bike rider.

Enjoy Your Bike.

I hope this web page will help you on deciding on riding a bike. Riding a bike can be for any reason the bike rider chooses. You can ride the bike to just go down the road to the local store. You can ride your bike to get to work. You can ride your bike to get a good cardio workout, work your legs, get a little sun. Also a great way to get together with friends and family members that you may not see on regular basis.

There are many cars on the road, so it is important to ride careful and safely. Most states have bike trails just for bikes, some states have a separate lane on the roads just for bikes. Wherever you decide to ride your bike just have fun and do not over do it. A beginner might get tired before an experienced bike rider will, so ride at a pace that is comfortable for you.

Get out and enjoy your bike and your ride.

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  1. Growing up in the late 70’s and early 80’s everywhere I would go as a kid was on my bike.  We would get all my friends together and bike all around the neighbourhood.  Growing up and becoming an adult, biking sort of took a back seat.  Not though I have gotten back into it and love it.  Biking as you said is an inexpensive way to get around and at the same time provides such amazing exercise. I really enjoyed your post on biking. excellent job.

  2. Hello Hector.

    Reading your website was perfect timing. Riding bikes is easy and fun.

    I went riding yesterday with my son for the first time in a few years. I discovered I am out of shape and cardio isn’t great.

    I live on Mount Charleston in Nevada so there is one way downgrade then turn around for upgrade. We went for a total ride of about 2 miles. I walked most of the upgrade part but had lots of fun. Looking forward to doing it again soon. Great outdoor exercise.

    I have an older sister who lives in Colorado and she rides to work most days which is about 8 miles. She is in great shape, makes me sick, no not really. She actually motivates me.

    Thanks for the motivation to keep on riding. Pedaling for the health of it.

    Thank you.

    • thanks for the comments.  I bet your rear end was a bit sore.  Keep riding my friend.

      I was station in Colorado, I loved that state.


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